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Watch: Duncun Rufus’ Microcosmic New Video ‘Aidan’s Dance’

The Mumbai rock act dabble with dance-funk on the first single off their new album

Rolling Stone India Jan 30, 2017

When we last spoke with Mumbai producer/vocalist Lima Yanger in 2015, work on his band Duncun Rufus’ next (mega) record was in full swing. The plan was to release the whopping 45-song EP The Folds Galore in six parts. But as luck ”“ or a sudden creative cloudburst ”“ would have it, the frontman ended up with more material than he initially wanted. “What happened is that I had those 45 songs and then I started writing again. You know how it is with all things old, you get more excited about the new songs,” he says sheepishly, adding, “I ended up writing a fresh batch of 10 new songs!”

But we can’t fault him to release “Aidan’s Dance” as soon as possible. The mostly instrumental track, which was among the 10 new tracks Yanger wrote, has a video created by Prateek A. Sethi from Mumbai-based visual communication design house TRIP Creative Services. It features a space voyage in a microscopic world set to futuristic electronic dance-funk. Written in 2015, Yanger says he sent this song along with 20 to 30 tracks to Sethi and let him pick which one would work. “The good thing about having a rapport on the visual side is that all I had to do was to make a phone call and say, ”˜I have these songs, do you want to make a video?’” he says.

While Sethi also helmed the video for Duncun Rufus’ second single “Yeah Yeah Yeah!” in 2013, “Aidan’s Dance” is a sonic step away from their organic, acoustic-rock driven sound. Yanger says, “There’s more MIDIs and programming. The last album was completely live. This is slightly pop-ier. Most musicians are getting more complex and getting into that jazz space. And I seem to be going into the complete opposite space.”

Nonetheless, Yanger promises that The Folds Galore is also on its way, along with more new material. He adds, “I wrote a whole bunch of new songs, but now I’m double-guessing myself.”


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