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Watch Dwayne Gamree’s Contemporary Dance Video for Debut Single ‘Sprinkle That’

The clip features emotive choreography by contemporary dancer Eden Pereira

David Britto Nov 19, 2019

Mumbai musician Dwayne Gamree. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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When Mumbai musician Dwayne Gamree was riding his bike through the city a few years ago – he noticed how people were so engrossed in themselves that they neglected an ambulance stuck in traffic. He says, “I broke up the mess by stepping in and ended up making way for the emergency vehicle.” That experience led Gamree to pen his debut single as a solo artist, the luxuriant “Sprinkle That.”

The singer-songwriter – who teaches music at Ascend International School in Mumbai – showcases a pop-rock sound infused with a bouncy groove, tasty harmonies and inspiring lyrics on the new track. He says, “I had a bit of free time and began to think of a phrase, ‘Kindness doesn’t cost a thing, sprinkle it everywhere.’” He adds, “As I began writing more, I began to think about my relationships with the people around me, family, friends and strangers. How could I have handled a situation better and made amends had I not been so engulfed in proving my point right and seen things from another perspective.”

The song’s accompanying music video features Gamree playing the track while Mumbai dancer Eden Pereira is seen performing a cotemporary choreographed dance routine to the music. The clip was shot and edited by videographer Amit Batra. Gamree says, “I’ve always had this in my head when he first started his career as a dancer. I wanted my childhood friend, Eden Pereira to do the choreography and dance in my video. He’s amazing at what he does.” He adds, “The idea of the video is to portray two characters with different thought processes when they are in a withering relationship. One character addresses it through emotions of anger, ego and immaturity while the other by finding closure through self-worth.”

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“Sprinkle That” has been produced by Justin Yesudas and Uday Ninjoor aka the Justin-Uday Duo. Gamree tells us that the pair has become part of his family over time, he says, “[They are] friends, brothers, mentors and teachers to me.”

Apart from working on his own music, Gamree has also worked with Bollywood composers Shreya Ghoshal, Vishal Bhardwaj, Ankit Tiwari and Pritam. Ask him what he’s learned through those experiences and he says, “I’m constantly thinking about my music and what I can do to improve myself as a singer, composer and songwriter. I like to think of it as being a sponge. Ready to absorb and learn whatever and whenever possible.”

Having just launched “Sprinkle That” at Mumbai’s Hard Rock Café this past weekend, Gamree now has plans to work on new music with the Justin-Uday Duo that he plans to release over the course of a year.

Watch the video for “Sprinkle That” below:

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