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Watch Eccentric Pendulum’s Madcap New Song ‘Narcissistic Myopia’

The Bengaluru prog/death metallers talk about their upcoming album, tentatively titled ‘Perspectiva
Invertalis’, due later this year

Anurag Tagat Jan 19, 2017
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After getting back on track with gigs all through 2016 ”“ which also included opening for prog shredder Jeff Loomis at the Chennai stop of his India tour in December ”“ Bengaluru metallers Eccentric Pendulum have also entered the studio to record their full-length album.

Bassist Arun Natarajan says this time is different, simply because there’s a lot more prep going into planning and plotting finances and time during the recording process. He says, “We never did any of this pre-work, or prep for our debut album (2011’s Winding the Optics). We just went with the flow and did whatever we could without much planning in the studio itself when we landed up in Chennai [Clementine Studios] in 2010.”

The promo plan for the eight-track album ”“ tentatively titled Perspectiva Invertalis ”“ is also something the band has given thought to. After releasing live videos for two songs ”“ “In Exile” and “Encaged Visions Of The Unobstructed” ”“ from their recent performance opening for prog metallers Skyharbor and instrumental metallers Pangea in Bengaluru in December, there’s the tech-death wizardry of “Narcissistic Myopia.” Natarajan says of the song, “It deals with the short-sighted mannerisms of man. Musically, this is probably one of our heavier tracks, the most death metal we have tried to go, although the vocals have a hardcore vibe.”

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The bassist confirms that they’re not so much in the prog space any longer, although it’s “still rooted in the realm of groove metal and sometimes, traditional metal too”. With pre-production out of the way this month, Eccentric will head into the studio up to nine tracks for the album. Natarajan adds, “The band’s sound is going to be a little less melodic and a bit faster and heavier than the previous album.”

Eccentric Pendulum performs at Hard Rock Cafe, Hyderabad on January 19th, 2017. Event details here.

Watch “Encaged Visions of the Unobstructed” 

Watch “In Exile” 

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