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Watch Emenes’ Seventies Inspired Split Screen Video ‘Never Gonna Give It To You’

The New Delhi electro-funk duo’s latest offering is filled with a solid groove and mind bending guitar solos

Jessica Xalxo Apr 25, 2019

New Delhi electro-funk duo Emenes. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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New Delhi-based electronic funk duo Emenes are the kind of act to never lose their penchant for the experimental, delivering a groovy pop track yet again. Released earlier this week, their new single “Never Gonna Give It To You” features a syncretic amalgamation of sounds, including a catchy guitar riff with pulsating beats. Directed by videographer Shikhar Shawn Bower, the clip itself is a blast from the past featuring VJ Ayesha Adlakha, vocalist Tyesha Kohli, Piano Man Jazz Club founder Arjun Sagar Gupta, among many others, in what looks like a concert on a conference call.

The vocalist-guitarist pairing of Mukul Jiwnani and Shenjit Basu remix the modern and vintage in “Never Gonna Give It To You” which is a quintessential Emenes song. The unconventional combination of quirky visuals fuses well with the naturalness of the cast of people reacting and lip-synching to the song — giving off major Seventies retro vibes. The track — featuring drummer Raj Nandi, bassist Kabir Agarwal and keyboardist Archit Anand —  is intersected by and interspersed with the distinctive sound of the wah pedal, lending a pleasant groove to the song as it cuts through the layering of the instrumentals. The guitar solo towards the end bears hints of a killer hammer and amplifies the effect of the riff while the drums understatedly hold the track together.

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In keeping with their USP, Emenes doesn’t fail to surprise listeners with a sound that is spunky, engaging and fresh. The pair, which started out in 2014 after finding common ground while playing in the school band, continues to reinvent and push the ante with their own material. Their latest single bowls new curveballs at you throughout the song and keeps you on your toes — thankfully, they’ll also have you dancing by then.

Watch the video for “Never Gonna Give It To You” below:

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