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Watch EVERGLOW’s Power-Packed Comeback With “Dun Dun”

The South Korean rookie group exude pure girl power with every move

Riddhi Chakraborty Feb 03, 2020

On "Dun Dun" EVERGLOW warn listeners that they'll eventually end up falling for the group's charms and becoming fans, whether they like it or not.

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South Korean rookie girl group EVERGLOW carry forward the momentum from their previous release “Adios” into 2020 with the equally powerful single “Dun Dun.” The song is part of their first EP Reminiscence, which features four other tracks.

“Dun Dun” is a strong EDM anthem about pushing past haters to rise to the top. EVERGLOW warn listeners that they’ll eventually end up falling for the group’s charms and becoming fans, whether they like it or not. The group also throw in a shout-out to their rapid rise to fame with their 2019 viral debut track “Bon Bon Chocolat”: “I’m going in fierce from the start/Don’t be shocked/I’m spreading by word of mouth/They say that kid that just passed by isn’t average.”

The music video is a cosmic fever dream featuring the six members roaming a distant, intergalactic planet. They perform dynamic choreography as as stars streak across the sky and the high-fashion, futuristic video screams confidence and EVERGLOW’s signature military-like femme fatale vibe.


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