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Watch EXO’s Baekhyun Make a Breezy Comeback With ‘Candy’

The song is off the South Korean singer’s second solo EP ‘Delight’

Riddhi Chakraborty May 25, 2020

Baekhyun in the music video for "Candy."

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South Korean singer Baekhyun made a comeback with his second EP titled Delight earlier today. Led by the single “Candy,” Delight marks the EXO member’s second solo release following 2019’s dark R&B offering City Lights.

With “Candy” Baekhyun immediately sets a lighter, more playful tone than the hit lead single “UN Village” that marked the sound for City Lights. “Candy” is a charming buoyant blend of pop, upbeat synth and R&B, with Baekhyun cruising effortlessly through soaring vocal runs. In the lyrics, he compares himself to various types of candy, each of which signify a different aspect of his personality. In a recent statement via his label SM Entertainment, the singer explained, “‘Candy’ is a trendy R&B song, and the lyrics compare my various charms and looks to various flavors of candy. If you listen closely, there are many witty expressions like ‘mature cinnamon’ and ‘funny mint,’ so I think this aspect will be a key point.” It’s also a play on pushing the listener into temptation with the addictive nature of candy (a metaphor for himself,) with the lyrics that say, “Accept my invitation/Your hand is almost there/Feel the temperature, let it melt a little.”

The video for “Candy” is set in a neon-lit arcade. Most of the scenes keep it simple as they switch between Baekhyun spending time playing games with his friends and performing smooth choreography. With bright yellow, pink and purple lighting flooding the sets, it’s a massive shift from the elegant black and white visuals of “UN Village,” but keeps it just as sexy thanks to the choreography and playful lyrics. The singer shares he worked on the moves with renowned SM Entertainment choreographer Kasper.

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As seen by both City Lights and Delight, Baekhyun’s sound as a solo artist carries some of EXO’s penchant for R&B, but elevates and diversifies it. Before its release today, the seven-track Delight broke several records in Korea, including Baekhyun’s own solo artist record (set by City Lights last year) for the most units sold in the first week, clocking in at 732,297 pre-orders as of May 24th.

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