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Watch EXO’s Alluring New Video for ‘Love Shot’

The South Korean group return to the ‘bad boy’ narrative as they plan to execute a mysterious and intricate heist

Riddhi Chakraborty Dec 13, 2018

EXO return to the bad boy narrative in "Love Shot" as they plan to execute a mysterious heist.

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South Korean group EXO made a seductive comeback today with their new single and music video titled “Love Shot.” The song is part of the band’s fifth repackage album of the same name which also features two more tracks titled “Trauma” and “Wait,” plus a Chinese version of “Love Shot.” Love Shot follows EXO’s highly successful fifth LP Tempo which dropped last month.

In the video EXO return to the ‘bad boy’ narrative as they plan to execute a mysterious heist. Some of the imagery and choreography in “Love Shot” is a little reminiscent of those featured in the group’s videos for their 2016 tracks “Monster” and “Lotto”–those also showcase the members engaging in fights with S.W.A.T. teams while pulling off a series of nefarious missions.

Each frame of “Love Shot” is impeccably composed with clean camera angles and crisp colors. In the highly cinematic video the members meet at a movie theater to plan their mission before heading out to orchestrate it. They fight a swarm of S.W.A.T. officers along the way and even seem distrustful of each other at certain points. The video also alternates between clips of the sharply-dressed band performing sleek, seductive choreography at a gas station and at the facility they are robbing.

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Co-written by EXO’s vocalist Chen and rapper Chanyeol along with songwriter Cedric ‘Dabenchwarma’ Smith, “Love Shot” explores a lack of hope in the concept of love and trust. Sonically the track layers an 808 trap with a subtle island synth most prominent in the chorus. “Love Shot” is yet another song from EXO that highlights the group’s outstanding harmonization capabilities.


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