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Watch GFRIEND’s Cinematic New Video For ‘Crossroads’

‘Labyrinth’ is the South Korean girl group’s first EP since their label was acquired by Big Hit Entertainment

Riddhi Chakraborty Feb 03, 2020

GFRIEND's "Crossroads" laments a lost relationship that was taken for granted.

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South Korean girl group GFRIEND made their long-anticipated comeback earlier today with the release of their first EP Labyrinth and it’s accompanying lead single “Crossroads.” The release is the follow-up to their 2019 LP Time For Us and features six tracks in total.

The music video for “Crossroads” is melancholic yet heartwarming, showcasing the bond between the six members as they save each other from loneliness and adversity. It focuses more on the storyline, foregoing scenes of choreography completely, so as to not break the emotion within the frames.

“Crossroads” is built of a retro Eighties pop beat with synth and powerful string sections. The lyrics are tear-jerking, lamenting a lost relationship that was taken for granted; “Can’t believe it yet I took it all for granted/I saw just like you I wandered just like you/Why does my heart fall apart?/Even the wind/Pauses waiting for you still/Even the fluttering starlight/Lingering on.” There is determination to find and repair the relationship, much like the video portrays members Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, SinB and Umji repairing their relationships with each other: “No, everything is still filled with you/I still can’t go anywhere/Even if you pass me by I will find you/Then I’ll reach out again to you.”

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Labyrinth is GFRIEND’s first EP since their label Source Music was acquired by Big Hit Entertainment in July 2019. Big Hit is the label behind global pop super stars BTS and monster rookie group TXT. “For this album, we received help from Bang Shi Hyuk, as well as Big Hit’s producers and visual producers, on many things like album production, photos, and videos,” stated vocalist Umji at a press conference earlier today in Seoul. “So it feels like the overall story we’re trying to tell through this album and the content we created have strengthened and become more defined.”

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