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Watch GOT7’s Celestial Music Video for ‘Not By The Moon’

The South Korean group return with their 11th EP ‘Dye’

Riddhi Chakraborty Apr 20, 2020

"Not By The Moon" sees South Korean group GOT7 explore a much darker, complex side of their artistry.

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South Korean group GOT7 dropped their brand new EP Dye earlier today, led by the single “Not By The Moon.” The track is accompanied by a dramatic music video heavy with symbolism, reportedly inspired by English playwright and poet William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Produced by JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin Young, “Not By The Moon” is a trap and synth number which explores a much darker, complex soundscape for GOT7. There’s a heaviness in the production that we haven’t seen before and follows the elegant, darker path the group took on their previous comeback with 2019’s Call My Name EP. GOT7’s leader JB confirmed the same to the Korea Times, stating, “The album epitomizes a permanent pledge of love. It can be seen as an extension to our previous release You Calling My Name, but is more mournful and powerful.” The lyrics play with the word ‘dye’–(also the EP’s title–alluding simultaneously to both color and death, as they delve into vows of eternal love. “Everyday I used to be colorless/Tomorrow will be dyed with you/Just like this I dye with you.” The group experiment with plenty of high notes and harmonies, especially on the chorus.

The video is a glorious array of mystery and romanticism, delving into themes of royalty, astronomy and magic. The members are elegant visions in white as they perform complex choreography. Each member also has solo scenes as they roam fantastical chambers and landscapes that seemed crafted to suit their individual personalities and exist outside of the world we are familiar with–perhaps on a celestial plane or the past.

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The release of Dye will be followed by a livestream album showcase titled “GOT7 Live Premiere” hosted by the group on V Live at 8 p.m. KST (4:30 p.m. IST), Monday.

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