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Watch Halsey Google Translate Her Song ‘Without Me’ on ‘Fallon’

The singer also discusses her new album ‘Manic’ and kissing Evan Peters

Emily Zemler Jan 23, 2020

Halsey appeared on 'The Tonight Show' to promote her new album 'Manic.'

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Halsey appeared on The Tonight Show to promote her new album Manic and host Jimmy Fallon took the opportunity to run the singer’s lyrics through Google Translate. Halsey’s own number “Without Me” became “You Soft Head” via the website when translated from English to Polish and back.

The pair also performed Google Translated versions of Madonna’s “Like a Virgin,” which got the new title of “Unwed Woman,” and the Jackson 5’s “ABC” (now called “Alphabet”). They also took on a duet of Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way,” which has a translated title of “I Desire Roads.”

Halsey also sat down with Fallon for an extensive interview about her new album, which dropped earlier this month, as well as what it was like to appear on Saturday Night Live. She also took the opportunity to recite the lyrics to her song “Graveyard” in a New Jersey accent and to discuss her relationship with actor Evan Peters.

“I wrote my first album when I was 19,” she told Fallon. “It was very coming of age and I lived in Brooklyn and I thought the world revolved around me, as you do when you’re 19 and live in Brooklyn… I think everyone’s kind of gotten to know me a little bit the past couple of years and I felt safe to give them some insight into Ashley, the girl from Jersey who’s more than Halsey on stage.”

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