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Watch: Hanita Bhambri’s Angsty Debut ‘Let Me Go’

The New Delhi-based singer-songwriter has worked with ace producer Miti Adhikari for the first release off her upcoming EP, due later this year

Anurag Tagat Aug 03, 2018

Singer-songwriter Hanita Bhambri. Photo: Pornsoup

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Escaping conformity and the torment of personal demons, singer-songwriter Hanita Bhambri says that her debut single “Let Me Go” has a deeper level of interpretation than what she originally intended when she wrote it in 2013. And it might just reflect the years she’s spent building up to releasing her first studio material.

Bhambri says, “This entire year has been somewhat of a daze for me. I went through some of the toughest times. I still am dealing with a loss. Through it all, I found my way through my music.” The emphatic, lush “Let Me Go” has Bhambri channel anguish like few other fresh voices in the country, recalling the likes of English artist Florence Welch with a hint of eeriness. The track ”“ off her upcoming EP ”“ features fellow artists such as bassist Danik Ghosh, Anisha Uppal on keys, guitarist Vignesh Iyer and drummer Aditya Dutta. Produced, mixed and mastered by Kolkata-based Miti Adhikari (who has credits on music by everyone from Foo Fighters to Coldplay to ”“ closer home ”“ dream pop duo Parekh & Singh), “Let Me Go” also features a video by New Delhi-based filmmaker Ishani Das, driven by metaphors of captivity and escape.

Considering the song was written when she was 18 years old, Bhambri admits that even the compositions which have intensely personal lyrics can feel distant to her after a while. “My relationship with my songs is something that ebbs and flows. There are times when there’s extreme passion and connection and also periods of waning through separateness, quietness and space.” Despite the times she feels “disconnected,” she says the vulnerable nature of the songs always tends to find a connection with audiences.

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But audiences will have to hold off from seeing Bhambri live for a little longer. Although she performed in Bengaluru last month, she’s currently dealing with bronchitis. She adds, “We will have a show celebrating the release of ”˜Let Me Go’ in September once my health improves.”

Watch “Let Me Go” below

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