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Watch: Hozier’s Video “Someone New”

The track is the latest single from Hozier’s self titled debut album

Rolling Stone India Mar 03, 2015
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Irish pop-rock singer-songwriter Andrew Hozier-Byrne aka Hozier has released a new video for his languorous new single, “Someone New,” featuring actress Natalie Dormer. Known for her role of Margaery Tyrell on HBO’s series, Game of Thrones, it is refreshing to see Dormer in a more contemporary setting in a black leather bomber jacket and a bold, new haircut with one side of her head shaved off [we’re bored with this look already though]. The video shows Dormer wandering alone through city streets, pubs and trains while she imagines kissing several men, all strangers, keeping with the lyrics “Love with every stranger, the stranger the better.” Yes, the video is a little creepy but also sensual at once. Hozier appears as himself in the video, singing in the background with his guitar, as Dormer takes lead.

Watch “Someone New” below

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