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Watch Hwasa’s Fierce Solo Debut Video ‘Twit’

South Korean group Mamamoo’s vocalist and rapper oozes confidence and sex appeal in the clip for her new single

Riddhi Chakraborty Feb 14, 2019

In“Twit,” Hwasa criticizes her lover for being too obsessed with her while she doesn’t care as much about him.

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South Korean girl group Mamamoo’s singer and rapper Hwasa made her solo debut on February 13th with the single “Twit” and its accompanying music video. The track immediately began trending worldwide on social media upon its release and hit over two million views in under 24 hours.

In the lyrics for “Twit,” Hwasa mocks her lover for being too obsessed with her while she doesn’t care as much about him. She calls him a ‘twit’ and urges him to have interests outside the relationship, “You’re a twit/A man who knows only me/Delicate Simcheong, look around once in a while/You don’t know that you’re sick.” As the track progresses she blames herself and begins feeling sorry for him, saying, “I don’t give you anything/But why am I unhappy too?/Don’t breathe only for me/You look too lonely.”

“Twit” was co-written and co-produced by Hwasa with producers Kim Dohoon and Park Woosang. It explores tropical house, pop and trap blends that compliment the singer’s versatile vocals.

The video for “Twit” seems to reflect Hwasa’s feelings in the lyrics; at first she is confident and oozes sex appeal as she bounces between scenes with bright choreography, quirky outfits and clips of her rejecting her partner’s advances. She is bored and annoyed with his over-attentiveness and pushes him away, but is heartbroken at the end when he finally does leave her. Fellow Mamamoo member Wheein also makes a surprise cameo in the music video, and seems to comfort Hwasa through her tumultuous emotions.

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