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Watch iKON’s Cinematic Video for ‘Why Why Why’

The South-Korean band return 13 months after their 2020 electro-dance anthem, “Dive”

Divyansha Dongre Mar 03, 2021
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iKON’s latest alt-pop track “Why Why Why” marks the group’s conscious decision to introduce fans to a more musically mature persona. The digital single explores the emotional turmoil that comes with the sudden death of a long-term relationship. 

Written and composed by rapper Bobby along with producers LP, CHOICE37, Sonny, and LIL G, the six-member group evince the distraught linked to a relationship which showed powerful signs of ‘foreverness,’ clear in the opening verse, “Thought we’d be together forever without any breakup/ In fact it still seems like a lie.”

The music video dedicates solo sets to each member with Bobby and vocalist Song’s sets have striking symbolism to recurring emotions of ‘time stands still’ and ‘entrapment’ one faces when going through a break-up. As the clip progresses, it continues to portray symbolic references that show doubt between wanting to go back and wanting to move on; reaching for a phone inside a jar of water to accept the call from an ex-lover to fiddling with a ring, pondering if it’s worth being worn.

Composed with soothing guitar riffs and a solid bass tempo, “Why Why Why” uncovers the stages of grief– in a perfect world all break-ups end with closure, however, iKON recognize the unfortunate reality of life and shift from bewilderment to acceptance.

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“Why Why Why” is iKON’s first comeback in over a year since 2020’s “Dive.” The group will next appear on Mnet’s reality survival show Kingdom: Legendary War, where they will compete with other all-male bands including BtoB, SF9, The Boyz, Stray Kids and ATEEZ.

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