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Watch: Inner Sanctum’s Wake of Destruction Tour Blog

The Bengaluru thrash/death metal band were on an eight-city Europe tour in June

Rolling Stone India Nov 20, 2013

It’s been five months since Bengaluru thrash/death metal band Inner Sanctum went on their eight-city Wake of Destruction tour of Germany and Poland, and video footage of their time on the road in Europe is finally out.

The first of three episodes of Inner Sanctum’s tour blog includes drummer Abhinav Yogesh dancing topless to reggaeton as well as guitarist Chintan Chinappa talking about “nice women and sexy men” during the band’s first set of gigs. While we get a lesson in German from the band’s tour managers Philipp and Julian, Sanctum return the favor by getting the Germans acquainted with Hindi expletives.

The tour blog, put together by Bengaluru production house Logic and Madness using footage shot by the band, also includes a performance of Inner Sanctum’s new song “Realms of Oblivion” in Munich. 

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