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Watch IVE Return With A Groovy Music Video for ‘Love Dive’

The release marks the group’s first comeback since the release of their debut single ‘Eleven’

Divyansha Dongre Apr 05, 2022

Composed of Yujin, Gaeul, Rei, Wonyoung, Liz and Leeseo, K-pop girl group IVE makes a bold return to the spotlight with “Love Dive.” Leading the group’s singles album of the same name, “Love Dive” comes roughly four months after ELEVEN– IVE’s debut singles album. 

Written by Sophia Brenan, Elle Campbell, Nick Hahn and Seo Ji Eum (who previously featured on IVE’s debut single “Eleven”), “Love Dive” is an electro-pop anthem with a rhythmic bass synth and trap mix. The track’s pop soundscape complements IVE’s vocal dynamism, all while ushering the group into a mature sonic style.

Lyrically, the track exudes confidence and flirtation as IVE expresses their promptness when it comes to love; “A love blooms in an instant/ Come insidе and see it for yourself/ You can come into the deepest part of my heart.” While women are generally perceived to be coy around matters of love and affection, IVE sets the record straight, showing their boldness and proactiveness in pursuing romance; “This is enough, a chasing game/ Can’t stand this attraction and curiosity/ Strange you and I, we’ll see about that.”

Playing the roles of chic, modern cupids, the music video shows the group in a mystical castle positioned amongst clouds. The members lounge and perform at various locations within the castle before regrouping for a breathtaking dance break performance. 

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Cited as one of the K-pop groups to look out for IVE made an electrifying debut with “Eleven” in December 2021. Singing about a girl under the spell of love, “Eleven” quickly became a favorite amongst listeners, racking up over 50 million views within the first three weeks of its release. The track also earned IVE their first music show win just seven days after their debut performance at KBS2’s Music Bank

Their following win at MBC M Show Champion also bestowed upon them the title of the fastest Korean girl group to win a music show award. The group’s debut made quite the noise on international soil with “Eleven” earning the fourth spot on Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs chart. The entry makes IVE the fifth South Korean girl group to appear on the chart, joining the likes of K-pop hitmakers BLACKPINK, TWICE, ITZY and aespa.

“Eleven” also landed the group the fifth spot on Rolling Stone India’s 10 Best K-pop Debuts of 2021 year-end list.


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