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Watch Jackson Wang Transcend Death in ‘100 Ways’

The Chinese rapper’s new single is a deep house track about lost love

Riddhi Chakraborty Mar 20, 2020
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Chinese rapper and singer Jackson Wang returns as a warrior in the breathtaking video for his brand new single “100 Ways.” The track is a the follow-up to his 2019 album Mirrors.

The video for “100 Ways” is set in ancient China and begins with a group of four soldiers using a mysterious ritual around a grave in the middle of a dark forest. Upon completion the ‘spell’ resurrects Wang, a fallen warrior. The soldiers clad him in armour before they embark on a journey through the forest and towards a second grave under a beautiful tree; Wang performs the mysterious ritual himself this time and resurrects his long-lost lover. The couple breeze through artful choreography, happy to finally be reunited, before sinking back together into a single grave. The video’s most powerful element is the lighting, which shifts cleverly to add magic and mystery to the whole thing.

“100 Ways” keeps its instrumentals minimal but complex, blending deep house with haunting strains of flute, synth and trap. In the lyrics, Wang expresses that he wants to be his lover’s one and only, promising to cherish them for as long as he can; “It’s the final curtain call/But if you’re ready I will give my all/For you, for you/… Could you leave me the same/Tell me what makes you stay/There’s a 100 ways to leave a lover/I won’t wait a minute longer/A 100 ways to leave/But I’m only one that you need.”

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