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Watch Jackson Wang’s Harrowing Video For ‘Bullet To The Heart’

The Chinese singer, rapper and songwriter gets vulnerable on the first single off his upcoming solo LP ‘Mirrors’

Riddhi Chakraborty Sep 24, 2019

Written by Wang, "Bullet To The Heart" is his most vulnerable release yet.

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Chinese pop star Jackson Wang dropped his new English single “Bullet To The Heart” earlier today, the first off his upcoming solo LP Mirrors, set to release in October. The singer, rapper and producer is most well-known as a member of the popular South Korean boy band GOT7, but also has a flourishing solo career with a string of releases over the last two years.

With lyrics penned by Wang, “Bullet To The Heart” is his most vulnerable release yet, exploring the pain and heartbreak that surrounds pursuing a passion, relationship or other life goals. It’s very different from most of his previous releases, perhaps somewhat similar to his April 2019 single “Oxygen” in regards to their shared melancholy. “Listeners might analyze the song as a love story. It is, but it’s also applicable to much more than romantic love,” Wang explained in a statement. “We always face different obstacles in life. No matter how successful you are, hardships are still going to keep coming like an endless cycle; they will keep torturing you on this journey to success.” The track was also co-composed by him and is primarily a mix of slow R&B and trap, building a minimalist base to make Wang’s gravelly voice the main focus.

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In the music video directed by Daniel Cloud Campos, Wang looks disheveled and exhausted as he’s sitting in an empty room and bound in a straitjacket. A mysterious, dangerous woman in black appears and uses what appear to be telekinetic powers to viciously throw him about the room like a rag doll or puppet, symbolizing her complete control over his emotions. Wang seems to accept his fate, looking anguished but suffering through his ordeal without struggle. “A perspective that I am trying to portray is that when your passion and dedication to something are so strong, they can hold a large amount of power over you,” Wang further says about the video. “So powerful, that you are willing to repeat this endless cycle, willing to accept the torture. I believe we are able to endure and accomplish anything because love overcomes everything.”

Wang revealed on Instagram that he will be dropping another single in October along with the release of Mirrors.

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