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Watch Jackson Wang’s Stirring Live Performance of ‘Drive You Home’

The Chinese artist brings a live performance of his latest single from the streets of Shanghai

Divyansha Dongre Aug 16, 2021
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Following his departure from JYP Entertainment this year, Jackson Wang has been releasing a string of collaborative projects–the latest one being a collaboration with American music collective Internet Money. 

Released on July 29th, “Drive You Home” follows the life of a young corporate who, by the twisted spell of fate, loses the love of his life in a car crash. Mirroring this storyline, the live performance delivers a recollection of the aftermath with a bruised Wang trapped inside a road tunnel. Injured and torn, Wang clutches to the wrecked vehicle for support as he lifts himself from the road for a live rendition of the song. 

Wang kicks off the R&B track singing, “We fell in love on Geary Boulevard, ayy/ With the sun comin’ down on the front of my car, ayy.” The rhythmic synth empowers Wang’s vocals, allowing the artist to shift from his pre-established image of a rapper to an all-rounding entertainer. Wang then continues to walk through the lengths of the road, until he’s unsuspectedly hit by a speeding vehicle. 

Wang, who has collaborated with artists like Rain and Rich Brian of 88Rising this year, is all set to take his artistry to the next level with two full-length albums. While one record will comprise all-English tracks, Wang has also slated an all-Chinese album to be released later this year.

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