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Watch Jay Park and Korean Rock Band SURL Collaborate On ‘Don’t Say No’

The Korean-American hip-hop artist surprised fans with the new release

Riddhi Chakraborty Aug 06, 2020
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Korean-American hip-hop mogul Jay Park presented a brand new side of his artistry through a collaboration with Korean rock band SURL on their latest single “Don’t Say No.” The pairing came as a pleasant surprise to both artists’ fans upon its release on August 5th.

SURL’s lead vocalist Seol Hoseung’s clear, high tone complements Park’s breathy, whimsical verses over the soft pop rock instrumentals. The highlight of the track is over the bridge, when Park makes a smooth switch to his rapping while supported by bluesy bass and electric guitar riffs. Written by SURL and Park, “Don’t Say No” is a comforting track about being there for someone when they most need you or vice versa: “Don’t say no/You know it’s unnatural/Please hold my hand before it’s broken/If that’s hard for you, please lean on me and cry.”

The video keeps it simple, alternating between vibrant clips of SURL performing in a garage and then black and white clips with Park joining them in a giant white studio. It ends with Seol waking up and looking disoriented while his bandmates look on, as though the entire thing was a dream.

“Don’t Say No” is off SURL’s latest single album of the same name and is accompanied by the B-side track “Silence.”

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