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Watch Joel Sakkari’s Nostalgic Video For ‘Ineffably’

The Bengaluru musician collaborated with Nagaland singer-songwriter Ale on the song

David Britto Oct 27, 2020

Bengaluru musician Joel Sakkari collaborated with Nagaland singer-songwriter Ale on his latest song "Ineffably." Photo: Courtesy of the artists

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Two years ago, when Bengaluru musician Joel Sakkari sat down to compose a new song, he wound up only coming up with a melody and guitar parts. Unable to add more to it, he sent what he wrote to Nagaland singer-songwriter Ale. The Kohima-based musician went on to flesh out the song by adding poignant lyrics and completed what would eventually become an evocative track called “Ineffably.”

Released earlier this year, “Ineffably” works in subtle acoustic guitar strumming as well as melodic lines while Ale’s haunting and beautiful vocals bring the song to life. Sakkari says, “Ale says it was written after a course of bittersweet events in her life. These were the words that were left of her at the end of the day. It is a personal one, and in that sense special as well.”

The track’s accompanying video conveys the story of letting go and includes Sakkari and Ale performing the song in Kohima as well as scenes of the city. The artists recorded “Ineffably” at Kohima’s Richa Productions with whom Sakkari and Ale have both been associated with. “That’s where I know her from,” says the guitarist. He adds, “She is a very talented artist, brilliant with wordplay and storytelling, easy and very fun to work with.” The recording sessions were engineered by Teputo Richa while Sakkari produced, mixed and mastered the song.

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Sakkari has written plenty of new songs recently but has decided to bank those as he shifts his attention towards his electronica duo Droolfox. He says, “We are working on an EP that we plan to put out this year.”

Watch the video for “Ineffably” below and stream the song on Spotify and Apple Music

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