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Watch JUNNY and JAY B’s Dreamy New Single ‘Nostalgia’

The single is the second collaborative project between the two vocalists in 2021

Divyansha Dongre Dec 27, 2021

JUNNY (L) and JAY B (R) Photo: Courtesy of Jang Duk Hwa (JAY B) and to the artist (JUNNY)

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To conclude an otherwise rocky year on a tranquil note, singer-songwriter JUNNY recruits GOT7’s leader JAY B on his latest release “Nostalgia.”

Accompanied by a scenic lyrical music video, “Nostalgia” fuses the charisma of Eighties dream pop with Junny and Jay B’s breathy, mellow vocals. Co-written by the vocalists alongside Jane and No2zcat, the track deals with themes of nostalgia and memories; “Inside a small drawer/ Mixed up with the fragments of the past/ There lies that small, dried up piece of memory/ That I’ve never been able to unlock.” 

Through the track, the songwriters unpack the process of revisiting the past, presenting it as a therapeutic process that has one accept the good and bad aspects: “If I can turn back time and relive my younger days/ Will I be able to walk without any regrets?/ Taking a trip down memory lane, although it wasn’t perfect/ I’ll embrace them with all my heart.”

Junny takes an interesting approach with the dreamy composition, wrapping it within rhythmic percussion and echoing reverb. This particular mix gives “Nostalgia” a youthful and refreshed soundscape, complimenting the soothing vocal range of both artists. While JUNNY brings a breathy vocal performance to the table, JAY B shows up with his signature mellow, raspy vocals, creating an enchanting sonic concoction to cure your winter blues. 

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The music video takes you on a scenic journey with a recording of the city from a moving car. It captures the beauty of a bustling city at dusk, with hues of orange and red in the horizon and cars cruising around. The concept creates an almost cinematic and poetic setting, positioning the listener as the subject overlooking the skyline as the vehicle drives by.

“Nostalgia” marks the second collaboration between JUNNY and JAY B this year. Their previous work includes the GroovyRoom-produced track “Fame,” which featured on Jay B’s solo debut EP SOMO:FUME. Doubling celebrations this year, JUNNY has also released a second single titled “Solo.” Featuring Singapore-Indonesian singer-songwriter lullaboy, “Solo” joins “Nostalgia” as a surprise release.

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