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Watch: Kintsugi Sessions Feat. Komorebi, Takar Nabam and more

The first season of the music series also includes performances by singer-songwriter Amartya Ghosh and guitarist Bhrigu Sahni, among others

Anurag Tagat Oct 27, 2016
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Everyone from introverted singer-songwriters to party-starting Latin guitarists and electronica artists find a place in a new live performance video series called Kintsugi Sessions, which launched last week. 

Seven artists perform one song each for New Delhi-based Abhishek Sekhri, who helms both video and audio production for the first season, at his own Kintsugi Studios. A self-taught sound engineer, Sekhri set up the studio in 2014 and realized video content would be an optimum way of promoting the studio. He adds, “The aim is to capture the essence of listening to these artists.” 

He says he’s been learning audio production for about three years, but video was much more recent. “I started shooting videos only in mid-2015 for various bands and artists. As far as my education goes in the two areas, I’ve learnt most of it by myself and I’m still learning.” 

The season opener features New Delhi singer-songwriter Takar Nabam, performing a new song called “Bitter Sweet,” punctuated by the folksy element of accordion by Anant Dayal and electric guitar by Dhruv Bhola. The second episode points the camera on producer-singer Tarana Marwah’s Japanese-influenced electronic music project Komorebi.  Although minus drummer Suyash Gabriel, Komorebi performs the synth-heavy “Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.” 

Artists lined up to feature on Kintsugi Sessions include singer-songwriter Amartya Ghosh, jazz/rock/blues act Kern Dalton Collective, guitarist-singer Bhrigu Sahni, electric guitar-totting singer-songwriter Saby and Latin/jazz duo The Latin Strum. Sekhri says about his selection, “I only chose artists I really enjoyed listening to. Apart from that, I wanted all seven artists in the first season to be different from one another, in terms of the style of music and sound.” 

With the first season rolling out on a weekly basis, Sekhri already has plans for the second edition. “I want to use different lighting techniques, set design and get visual artists on board and choose a different location for each song.” 

Watch Takar Nabam perform “Bitter Sweet”. Watch the trailer for Kintsugi Sessions here.

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