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Watch MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul Tap Into Her Eccentric Side in ‘Lunatic’

The latest release forays the rapper-songwriter and singer’s second EP ‘6equence’

Divyansha Dongre Jan 19, 2022
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MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul takes her listeners on an honest, unfiltered journey of the realities of a one-sided relationship in the latest release “Lunatic.” The single follows the rapper-songwriter and singer’s pre-release singles “G999” and “Shutdown,” which featured South Korean rapper Mirani and vocalist Seori, respectively.

“Lunatic” is quintessentially Moonbyul, with the rapper wholeheartedly embracing the eccentricities of the protagonist she plays in the music video. Loud, vivacious and unapologetically herself, Moonbyul’s effortless performance sees her layer her vocals over classic house beats, making the track an early contender in the Summer 2022 playlist. When contrasted against the groovy dance-pop single “G999” and the dreamy, R&B beats of “Shutdown”, “Lunatic’s” composition offers a glimpse at Moonbyul’s versatility and mastery of her art, reminding her audience of her diverse capabilities.

Staying true to the overarching storyline of the EP, “Lunatic” discusses the eventual demise of a relationship. While it may have started out passionately, over time, the ‘spark’ fizzles out leaving behind a hollow, half-hearted relationship that seems more one-sided than mutual. In fact, Moonbyul opens the track with a conversational-like approach, as though she’s engaged in a heated argument with her partner: “I’m a little weird/ I know it’s a bad habit/ But I lose control.” She then proceeds to include dialogues from the partner, hinting towards the bitterness they now possess for her- “Hey, why are you so tactless?/Why you’re so clueless?/Reads the air/ You have to do what I say/ Yeah there you go/That is also a way of expressing love.”

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While the lyrics narrate the tale of an empty relationship, the music video takes on the literal meaning of the title, telling the story of a maniac escaping the psychiatric wing at the hospital. There’s an underlying message here that shows how a one-sided relationship pushes you to take extreme measures at resurrecting a relationship. In this case, we see Moonbyul faking an accident, attempting to win the affection and attention of her partner. In doing so, she loses all her control, sending her straight to the psychiatric unit.

6equence follows Moonbyul’s first EP Dark Side of the Moon. The latest seven-track EP contains the rapper’s pre-release singles “G999” and “Shutdown,” as well as the English version of the lead single “Lunatic.” Late last year, the rapper celebrated her birthday with the release of the special single “Chemistry.” 

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