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Watch Mark Tuan’s Psychedelia-Inspired Music Video for ‘Save Me’

The latest release follows Tuan’s March 24th surprise single, ‘lonely’

Divyansha Dongre Apr 07, 2022

Singer-songwriter and GOT7 member Mark Tuan. Photograph: courtesy of the artist

Honoring his words, singer-songwriter and GOT7 member Mark Tuan has released a brand-new single. Titled “Save Me,” it sees the singer flaunt his penchant for candid lyricism that resonates with his fans. 

Co-written by Tuan and long-term collaborator lilspirit, “Save Me” is a poignant R&B track, loosely describing how constant friction in a relationship leads to an emotional imbalance. The track’s lyrics are a subtle nod to one’s inability to understand themselves or, for the lack of a better word, ‘love’ themselves, thus sabotaging their surrounding relationships. Sample the lines, “Follow you in the dark / Whenever I’m falling apart / But something tells me you can’t fix my heart / Can somebody save me now.” 

Together, Tuan and lilspirit underline multiple motifs in the track – from relief at the demise of a relationship to the whirlwind of vulnerability, anxiety and loneliness it drops you in. “Save Me” is a truthful yet heartbreaking tale of relationships and the human psyche, a theme Tuan has established in his previous releases too.

At the track’s production front, OVRCZ and lilspirit are joined by Westen Weiss and Sean Silverman. While Tuan and his producers have previously exhibited the singer’s artistic flair in pop, ballad and rock, R&B best suits his revamped artistry and style. The genre’s smooth, pensive and ambient facets beautifully underline Tuan’s vocal prowess and ability to emotionalize the stories behind the tracks. 

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Tuan’s first teaser for “Save Me” was through a tweet published on March 16th. Turning the comments section into a suggestions box, the singer asked his fans to pick between two singles; “How y’all doing?” read the tweet. “I’m in a dilemma… I don’t know what my next single should be ‘Save Me’ or ‘Lonely’ – you guys tell me [sic].” The following day, he announced that he’ll be releasing both tracks, starting with “lonely.” He shared, “‘Lonely’ dropping first next week and ‘Save Me’ is TBA. LESGOOO [sic].”

A day after “lonely” was released, Tuan took to Twitter to thank his fans and reveal details about his reimagined artistry. “38 #1’s… thanks for always crushing it and being supportive,” the singer wrote, adding, “I know I’m taking a different approach with my music. I wanted to tell a story and get some things off my chest. I promise there will be a lot of different sounds on the album. Thanks for being patient with DNA.”


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