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Watch MC Altaf, Shah Rule, Dee MC And More Freestyle On Red Bull 64 Bars

All the tracks have been produced by Mumbai-based beatmaker Karan Kanchan

Rolling Stone India May 12, 2022

Mumbai-based hip-hop artist Shah Rule. Photo: Courtesy of Red Bull India

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There’s never been a better time to be a hip-hop artist in India than right now. With a plethora of rappers and producers picking up steam with plenty of opportunities coming their way, beverage brand Red Bull recently launched Red Bull 64 Bars. The series – originally created by David Dallas at Red Bull Studios in Auckland – features rappers hitting the booth to lay down their best 64 Bars. A press statement said, “The premise is simple: no hooks, no bells or whistles, just straight rap. An unfiltered and raw showcase of freestyle talent, Red Bull 64 Bars leaves nothing between the MC and audience other than a microphone.”

The 10 rappers featured on the first installment of the series in India come from across the country and include MC Altaf, Shah Rule, Hanumankind, Dee MC, RANJ, Tienas, Trichia, Sikander Kahlon, Agsy and Rawal. Mumbai-based Karan Kanchan brings his production acumen to the forefront of all the songs.

All the performances from the artists have been featured on the Gully Gang YouTube channel and have already amassed views in the hundreds of thousands. So, if you’re in the mood to hear some slick rhymes, fiery beats and thought-provoking verses, this is the series for you.

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Watch Red Bull 64 Bars below:

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