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Watch Metallica’s Blistering Antarctica Show

Check out the ten-song set from earlier this month

James Sullivan Dec 26, 2013
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On December 8th, Metallica played a little show south of the border. Way south: the band’s set took place inside a dome on the heliport at the Carlini Argentine Base in Antarctica. The performance featured 10 songs and solidified them as the only band to play all seven continents.

The entire hour-plus show is now available for viewing online and finds the band shredding through a set of classics in a very intimate and circular venue. Fans listened to the show not through amps but “via headphones with no amplification,” Metallica said in a statement when the show was announced. “A real first for us.”

The only other concert to take place in Antarctica was Live Earth, which held festivals on all seven continents in 2007. Only one band played ”“ a group of environmental scientists called Nunatak. The head count for their audience was 17.

The show capped off a year of firsts for Metallica. In September, they played the historic Apollo Theater in Harlem and also debuted their innovative 3D concert film, Metallica: Through the Never.

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