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Watch: “Mister E” (live) By Nischay Parekh w/Jivraj Singh

New Nischay Parekh video combines performance and travel footage

Rolling Stone India Oct 14, 2013
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The track “Mister E” is not on Kolkata-based artist Nischay Parekh’s recently-released debut album Ocean, but maintains the tone of his debut ”“ dreamy pop rock. The video, set in the intimate confines of a bookstore in Kolkata, reflects the track’s vibe perfectly. Shot on a 7D and a single camera set-up, the video also includes some travel footage from around the country in monochrome with lyrics popping up all through this part.

Simple camera techniques and clean editing seem to be photographer Naman Saraiya and film editor Sourya Sen’s strengths and were also evident in the live video they shot for Your Chin’s eponymous track. Saraiya and Sen also created an impressive performance video shot at Dualist Inquiry’s gig at the High Spirits, the club in Pune, which was released in July this year as part of #WeekendProjects. #WeekendProjects was started by Sen to showcase his experiments free of client demands and economic constraints.

Check out #WeekendProjects for their other collaborative work and also Sen’s fun experiments and renders on the rendering application, Cinema 4D.

Watch Mister E (Live) – Nischay Parekh w/ Jivraj Singh

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