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Watch Monsta X Deliver A Power-Packed Performance in ‘Rush Hour’

‘Rush Hour’ is one among seven tracks from the group’s latest EP, ‘No Limit’

Divyansha Dongre Nov 19, 2021

Capturing the group’s confidence and team spirit, K-pop group Monsta X makes a fierce comeback with their latest single “Rush Hour.”

Co-written by members I.M and Joohoney (who also contributed to the track’s composition), “Rush Hour” captures the group’s vocal prowess and mastery in the hip hop-EDM sphere. The track opens with a tuneful whistle reminiscent of Hollywood’s Wild West—a soundscape the group lingers around for a few seconds before welcoming a powerful trap beat. Asserting their dominance, member I.M ferociously accompanies the genre switch with his sharp declaration: “Eat this.” The track’s sonicscape is quintessentially Monsta X, with its bass-boosted EDM foundation—a style the group is celebrated for.

Mirroring the track’s booming soundscape, the lyrics are reflective of the group’s indestructible willpower to reach the top: “Hitting the gear on the heavy traffic city/ Only looking forward, no back back.” As the track progresses, it explores the nuances of the members’ perspective on hustle and competition. While Monsta X acknowledges that competition is a part of life (and seems to enjoy the thrill of it), they show almost no sign of hesitation or self-doubt: “Our competitor looks like a dwarf, unnecessary fighting/ Hate to spend time when you’re frontin’/ They hesitate when I’m comin’.” The confidence-inspiring lyrical arrangement effortlessly encapsulates the group’s strengths that contributed to their dynamic growth since their debut in 2015. 

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The music video sees the group deliver a power-packed performance against an array of sets—from a deserted landscape to an almost futuristic set. The lyrical quotient is enhanced visually when I.M stands on the bullseye surrounded by arrows, unharmed; a possible commentary on how they will continue to emerge as winners, irrespective of any challenges that’ll come their way.

Monsta X’s 10th EP (combining the group’s Korean, Japanese and English releases), No Limits, features seven tracks including the lead single “Rush Hour.” The group is also set to release their second full-English album, The Dreaming on December 10th. This release will be accompanied by a theatrical release of a documentary of the same name.


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