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Watch NCT 127 Get Suave and Powerful in ‘Sticker’

The group’s latest release leads their studio album of the same name

Rolling Stone India Sep 17, 2021
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Owning a reimagined cowboy concept, SM Entertainment’s NCT 127 make an enigmatic comeback with “Sticker.” Serving as the lead single of their third studio album of the same name, NCT 127’s latest comeback is a mix of unorthodox instrumental composition with prodigious vocal performances–an NCT specialty. 

Co-written by rappers Taeyong and Mark, “Sticker” is a synth hip-hop track driven by a prominent flute instrumental that sneaks up on you. The track includes various references to a grand romance-based film; “Just stay close to me/ Like a sticker, sticker, sticker/ You’re the main character in my masterpiece/ Like a sticker, sticker, sticker.” As the lead single unfolds, the love connection is given a status of utmost exclusivity, deeming it one for the books; “I love this mellow drama/ Without you there’s no audience/ That kind of mono drama/Let’s throw a party just for the two of us/ Only you’re my V.I.P.”

Stemming from a choreography-led vision, the music video draws glamour from  neon-based cowboy aesthetics and vibrant luminosity. The sets placed throughout the video seem to reflect on the track’s larger theme via the inclusion of cinema theaters and rodeo rings to reference the Old West with an NCT twist.

NCT 127’s 11-track studio album Sticker is the group’s first quarantine project and comes a year after their May 2020 repackaged album, NCT #127 Neo Zone: The Final Round. Developed during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, the members revealed that Sticker was created keeping their fans in mind. Earlier this month, NCT 127 released a short video for the B-side single, “Dreamer.” 

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