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Watch NCT U Revivify Monsoon Mornings in Their Latest Music Video, ‘Rain Day’

Featuring NCT’s Kun, Taeil and YangYang, the single is the third track to be released under the group’s music archiving project, SM Station: NCT Lab.

Divyansha Dongre Jul 19, 2022


Press play on NCT U’s latest release “Rain Day”, which promises to be your new monsoon 2022 favorite. Featuring NCT/NCT 127’s Taeil and NCT/WayV’s Kun and YangYang, the smooth single is an addition to previous SM Station: NCT lab releases, “Child” by Mark and NCT U’s (Doyoung, Mark and Haechan) “Conextion”. 

Produced and co-written by WayV’s leader Kun alongside singer-songwriter Junny and Squar, “Rain Day” has a pleasant R&B composition, underlining Kun and Taeil’s euphonious vocals. The contrast between the track’s smooth, medium-tempo production and YangYang’s deep, chill, melodic rap rustles up a gorgeous listening experience. Through the inclusion of rain sounds, finger clicks, rhythmic percussion beats and refreshing bass synth, “Rain Day” weaves an easy-to-listen, tranquil soundscape – perfect to brush away your monsoon blues. 

Kun, the track’s chief producer, took to Weibo earlier today to share his thoughts on the release. According to the 26-year-old producer-songwriter, the single is a product of two years’ worth of work and draws inspiration from the singer’s feelings towards the rainy season. Through the post, Kun also expressed a fair share of excitement and nervousness stemming from seeing his name credited as a songwriter. Though Kun has proven his knack for production and composition through his unofficial releases such as the serene instrumental must-listen “Gu Ren Gui” or the a-cappella cover of WayV’s “Dream Launch,” “Rain Day” is the first official track where Kun has helmed a project to completion. 

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Lyrically, “Rain Day” stirs in a dizzying sense of nostalgia and memories, taking you back to a time when everything around you was rosy. Warm, heartfelt and comforting – with lines like “Fallin’ down all night/ On my way to you ’cause/ I’m needing you right in my eyes, yeah, yeah (yeah, yeah)/ On a rainy day I got you, babe” and “I can feel the drip drop, we falling like a rain show/ Listen up, so I can be the one to/ Yeah, show you how to love” – the single will remind you of a fond relationship from your past. According to Kun’s Weibo post, the track “[talks] about the story of a protagonist driving a car on a rainy night, turning on the radio, and hearing a familiar melody from the past [that brings] back old stories of memories.” He concludes the post by hoping that fans will “take a time machine” to relive the memories they shared with the group. 

The music video sees the trio enjoy a summer day alongside two companions and an endearing Corgi enamored by Taeil’s presence. From lounging beside a lake, cycling and splashing water at each other, to Taeil’s adorable antics, the day concludes with a spell-binding fireworks display.

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Acting as an extension to SM Station (a digital music project curated by SM Entertainment in 2016), NCT announced NCT Lab on January 28th, 2021, promising fans a deeper look into the group’s musicality. NCT Lab aims to release self-composed tracks either as solo or unit songs through SM Station. The tracks released under the project are ones you’d not find on a regular NCT album, giving the artists an alternative avenue to creatively challenge and express themselves. The first track released under this project was “Child” – a self-composed alt-rock single by rapper, songwriter and NCT Dream’s leader Mark. This was shortly followed by the NCT U release “Conextion” on March 20th.