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Watch New Delhi Artist Handa’s Woozy New Video for ‘Mehfil’

The trained pianist offers a cautionary tale on the seven deadly sins with his third single

Anurag Tagat Mar 27, 2021

New Delhi artist Handa. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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New Delhi pianist, composer and vocalist Ayush Handa dives into the intoxicating world of sin on his trip-hop leaning song “Mehfil.” With audio engineered by New Delhi producing duo Shoals and additional vocals by Soumya Sofat, there’s flourishes of tabla going over unsettling piano melodies and Handa’s suave vocals.  

For the accompanying hedonistic music video shot by cinematographer Rohan Bajaj, Handa took out a script that shows him in several states of indulgence, traversing envy, lust, gambling and more. He says about the song, “Whether it be a substance, a toxic relationship, gambling, anything else that’s hard to resist; sometimes, we find ourselves caged in an environment that we want to be in… I’ve had my share of all these things that I should have walked away from. Now, I’m about four years sober and can speak about the situations I found myself in.”

While the song and video are certainly inviting viewers to gaze vicariously into a world of pleasures, there are consequences seen. “Anything that only gives you instant gratification is bittersweet,” Handa says. Sonically, the composer adds that his music takes inspiration ranging from classical pianist-composers such as Rachmaninoff and standout Bollywood music composers like A.R. Rahman and Amit Trivedi.

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“Mehfil” covers a new mood for Handa, who had previously released a spirited song such as “Akele Nahi  Ho Tum” and his love-drunk debut single “Chookar” in 2020. “I have about nine songs ready at the moment and I’m churning out more. I’m a perfectionist; I spend months listening and carving my own music. I like to release music with videos; hence, I’m working on those at this point,” he adds.

Watch the video for “Mehfil” below. Stream on Spotify, Apple Music and JioSaavn.

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