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Watch New Delhi Rapper Naveen Dissect the Allure of Materialism on ‘Maya’

The new song features singer Ananyaa Gaur and dancer Vastvikta Chaubey

Anurag Tagat Dec 05, 2019

Naveen in a still from his new music video "Maya."

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New Delhi hip-hop artist Naveen Kumar – who goes by his first name – was working on a Mother’s Day special as creative writer for radio station Red FM earlier this year when he came across a story of a woman in an old-age home who wanted to visit her son in Dubai. Naveen says, “Around the same time, one of my friends was moving out of the country and he was in a dilemma whether to move, because it was a good raise”

His fiancée was plotting a change in residences and the rapper too was lured by a new job offer. “She talked about the standard of life and everything, and how a better job could get me what I wish to do. I was in this whole dilemma of ‘What is important? Is my life around my family and relationships or materialistic roles?’ I wanted to pen this down.”

On his latest track “Maya,” Naveen talks about the pursuit of money as wealth and materialism leaves us empty, supported by vocalist Ananyaa Gaur’s unwavering chorus: “Khojta kaisi maaya re?” (what sort of power do you seek?). Naveen says, “Initially it [the chorus] was a Kabir doha (couplet). I thought that it is getting a little verbose, so let’s sum it out in one line. This came out with a bang.” Over an icy trap beat, “Maya” has a music video shot by photographer and filmmaker Ronick Buwadi featuring dancer Vastvikta Chaubey, plus shots of Naveen rapping in different parts of New Delhi.

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Kumar’s next release is a lo-fi track called “Chal Diya” about lost love due by the New Year, but includes a reference to the continued shutdown in the territory of Jammu & Kashmir. He explains, “Like the people of Kashmir are separated from their loved ones, here I am sitting, having a fate like Kashmir. It’s about moving on yet thinking about the beautiful relationship that was there, yet I have no option but to move on.”

Watch the video for “Maya” below. 

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