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Watch: New Delhi’s SuitStatic and Sarajevo Duo Drop Department’s Collab Video ‘Bucovina’

The fourth collaboration between the producers also includes saxophonist Rie Ona and guitarist Takar Nabam

Rolling Stone India Mar 16, 2018

Drop Department (left) and Ketan Sharma aka SuitStatic. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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A Romanian-Ukranian town name for a song title, a Bosnian dance music duo and a producer from New Delhi. If that’s not a testament to globalization, then there’s more to “Bucovina,” the euphoria-filled new single from Sarajevo-based Drop Department and New Delhi’s SuitStatic aka Ketan Sharma.

What’s more, the video ”“ which features a man seemingly driven to party his way through the day along with a mysterious coyote-looking mascot ”“ is shot in Europe and features Japanese saxophone ace Rie Ona working her way into thumping beats and seemingly Latin-influenced guitar chops from Arunachal-bred axeman Takar Nabam. Producer Sharma, who worked with Drop Department’s Alen Custovic and Ademir Alibegovic on previous singles such as “Sarod,” “Snake Charmer” and “Manea” in 2017, says they’d worked into a comfortable space for “Bucovina.” Sharma says, “It was one of those ideas that just clicked. We’d actually recorded guitars and saxophone for ”˜Bucovina,’ so the process of creating a house record with actual musicians onboard was really special.”

Released via heavyweight dance music label Spinnin’ Records, the video has about 179,000 hits on YouTube at the moment, and found its way onto the Viral50 Charts on Spotify. Closer home, Sharma says he’s been testing the track on dancefloors as well. “I’ve actually been dropping the track at my weekend residency at [Gurugram club] Whisky Samba and other gigs, and the response has been off the hook. There’s lots more music in the pipeline for 2018, wait for it!”

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Watch the video for “Bucovina”


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