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Watch: Nischay Parekh’s Music Video for “Panda”

Laser beams and two-eyed plants make an appearance in the Kolkata pop artist’s first music video

Rolling Stone India May 12, 2014
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Nischay Parekh (left) with drummer Jivraj Singh. Photo: Naman Saraiya

Nischay Parekh (left) with drummer Jivraj Singh. Photo: Naman Saraiya

If you can’t get enough of Kolkata pop artist Nischay Parekh’s song “Panda” six months after it released as part of his debut album Ocean, then a new music video for the track will keep you hooked.

Parekh’s own explanation of “Panda” was that it was mystical in tone, and inspired by English Romantic poet William Blake. It’s no surprise that the music video puts images to Parekh’s dream pop sound. Shot and conceptualized by photographer Naman Saraiya, the music video features Parekh, pianist and keyboardist George Matthew Dylan Varner Hartley and drummer Jivraj Singh performing with animation by Mumbai-based visual designer/animation artists Ayesha Kapadia and Rishabh Malhotra.

Everything from a panda strapped to a human heart to rabbits and horses running around and psychedelic flowers superimposed on the members’ faces make “Panda” as poppy as the song. Says Parekh, “It was actually shot last August in Kolkata, even before the album released. In a way, there’s a visual match with the lyrics, but it’s not a direct narrative.” “Panda” is the first of three songs that Parekh will release music videos for, along with “Philosophize,” which is directed by Mumbai animation artist Nisha Vasudevan and a live music video of “Ocean.” Parekh wants to have enough content lined up “and make sure people don’t forget [about Ocean]” as he prepares to resume studying contemporary writing and production at the Berklee College of Music in Boston later this month. As for his upcoming second full-length, inspired by EDM, Parekh is slated to finish it by early next year.

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Watch the music video for “Panda”

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