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Watch Noida Singer-Songwriter Anchit Magee’s Sci-Fi Video for New Single ‘Never / Yours’

The track features an electronic undertone

David Britto Jun 11, 2020

Noida singer-songwriter Anchit Magee. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Noida singer-songwriter Anchit Magee was just noodling with his guitar when he came up with the riff for his latest acoustic electro single “Never / Yours.” The musician intuitively knew he had something good at the time. He says, “I took that as a starting point and wrote all the other instruments over it.” Magee went on to complete writing the song in an hour and says “it was quite an experiment.”

Lyrically the musician explains that “Never / Yours” is about longing for an old lover or friend. He says, “[It’s] how nostalgia can take the form of rose-tinted glasses.” On the sonic front, the track includes acoustic guitar plucking over electronic layers, a slamming guitar solo and Magee’s somber vocals. The musician recorded the entire song at his home studio while Adamya Bajaj at New Delhi’s Tiny Room Studio co-produced, mixed and mastered the track

The song’s accompanying video – conceptualized, animated and directed by visual artist Aditya Rahul – showcases stunning visuals, a moody vibe, retro colors and follows the story of two explorers going on separate journeys in space. Magee says, “As the explorers come into contact with the unknown, the video ends on a hopeful note, questioning the uncertainty that our cosmos holds.”

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While in lockdown Magee has been sharpening his skills as a songwriter and tells us its been quite productive for him although he misses playing gigs. He says, “I hope things get back to normal as soon as possible.” Next, the musician is now planning to release a song every month and is also working on putting out an album by the end of the year.

Watch the video below:


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