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Watch ONF Confront Their Nightmares in ‘Goosebumps’

The lead single is part of ONF’s sixth EP of the same name

Divyansha Dongre Dec 03, 2021
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Channeling a cyberpunk concept, K-Pop boy group ONF embarks viewers on a visually enticing journey in their latest release, “Goosebumps.”

Fusing alternative punk with dance, ONF plays with an addictive soundscape, keeping the listeners hooked until the very end of the track. Matching the unique vocal color of the group, the track periodically cues in a sensual R&B section driven by lo-fi synth sound. The multi-layered approach ensures a captivating listening experience, whilst also displaying the group’s musical capabilities. 

The sci-fi story-driven concept positions each member as a unique character overcoming time and space to come face to face with their biggest nightmares. The CGI-heavy video contains action-packed sequences as well as sleek choreographed segments, highlighting ONF’s multi-faceted artistry. The sequencing and pacing of frames run parallel to the track’s booming soundscape, resulting in a captivating viewing experience.

ONF’s sixth EP, Goosebumps, focuses on the group’s growth with its multi-genre tracklist. The five-track project picks interesting storylines ranging from the witchcraft-inspired track “Whistle” to the funky hip-hop song “Fat and Sugar.”  The last track, “Show Must Go On,” expresses ONF’s ambition that their universe will expand as they continue their singing career. 

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