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Watch OnlyOneOf’s Provocative and Elegant Video for ‘Skinz’

The track leads the South Korean group’s fourth EP, ‘Instinct Part. 2’

Riddhi Chakraborty Jan 14, 2022
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South Korean group OnlyOneOf made their highly-anticipated comeback earlier today with their fourth EP, Instinct Part. 2. The record is led by the single “Skinz” and its accompanying music video. The record follows their highly-successful 2021 release Instinct Part. 1 and its controversial but brave LGBTQ-themed lead single “Libido.”

OnlyOneOf is known for tackling important subjects with their music and with “Skinz,” the group highlights the power of individuality and being yourself no matter what society might think. There’s no point in living a life full of lies and fitting into the mold the world sets for you: “Face off. Show me what’s behind the mask, under the skin…/ Take off what’s false/ We’re all withering anyway/ In this virus.” Additionally, the video’s description features a statement that declares, “It doesn’t matter who you are. It doesn’t matter whether you are black, white, Hispanic, Asian, male, or female. I’m saying that your mere skin doesn’t matter. All that matters is you.” The track also features a haunting and unique soundscape that seesaws between smooth R&B during the verses and raw electro-synth in the chorus, creating a fascinating jagged effect.

The music video for “Skinz” features the six members embarking on a trip together, joined by a mysterious individual who probably represents OnlyOneOf’s fandom lyOn. The clip is shot mostly through the point of view of the audience and sees the group spend a day off at the beach. The shots are intimate and close-up, and like what we saw in “Libido,” the members do not shy away from physical contact with each other and exchange deep, meaningful glances. The clips of them during the trip are intercut with sleek, black and white shots of OnlyOneOf performing the track’s sultry choreography on a stage while donned in dark suits.

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Earlier this week, OnlyOneOf premiered “Skinz” and its choreography via a live performance at Mnet’s M Countdown. In addition to the lead single, Instinct Part. 2 features three more tracks: “Suit Dance,” “Gaslighting” and “Ultimate Bliss.” This is also OnlyOneOf’s first major comeback after leader Love’s departure from the group in August 2021.

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