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Watch: P-Man at the Rolling Stone Metal Awards 2014

The bassist from death metal band Exhumation, formerly of metallers Pin Drop Violence and host of the fifth edition of RSMA 2014 grills metal bands about moshpits, best gigs

Rolling Stone India Aug 11, 2014
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We’re glad Rohit ”˜P-Man’ Pereira hasn’t been swept up by primetime TV to the extent that he’s forgotten his metal roots. The founding member of metal band Pin Drop Violence and bassist of brutal death metal band Exhumation put the spotlight on Indian metal for the fourth episode of his new TV show, VH1 Music Diaries. The metal episode of the show includes an interview with metal band Bhayanak Maut’s drummer Rahul Hariharan, a gig report on the fifth edition of the Zippo presents Rolling Stone Metal Awards and a performance by RSMA-nominated brutal death grind band Gutslit.

P-Man, however, continues to host his YouTube shows as well. Pereira took charge of another edition of Indian Metal Diaries as well for RSMA, interviewing performing bands ”“ prog/hardcore band Reverrse Polarity, folk metallers The Down Troddence, death metal band Third Sovereign and extreme metal band Demonic Resurrection ”“ about the most brutal moshpits they’ve seen.


Watch the metal episode of the VH1 Music Diaries


Watch P-Man on Indian Metal Diaries

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