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Watch Pakshee’s Heartwarming Video for ‘Kosh’

The New Delhi world music group showcase three stories of people facing the biggest challenges life has handed them

Riddhi Chakraborty May 21, 2018

In Pakshee's new video for "Kosh" a dancer wrestles with her feelings for a female photographer.

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New Delhi-based world music group Pakshee make their triumphant return with their second single “Kosh” which follows their debut track “Raah Piya” and their collaborative track “Ang” with New York guitarist Shubh Saran.

Tranquil but preppy with the unusual mix of Latin jazz blended with Hindi and Carnatic vocals, “Kosh” is a fantastic representation of Pakshee’s identity as a band: bright, different and curious to create. Member Sree Rag, who takes on Carnatic vocal duties, shines on this track.

Having built a reputation for creating powerful visuals with their music video for “Raah Piya,” Pakshee don’t disappoint this time around either. Directed by New Delhi based filmmaker Mohit Kapil, the video for “Kosh” showcases three stories of different people facing the biggest challenges life has handed them. A young single mother struggles to balance both a job and spending time with her only son, a dancer wrestles with her feelings for a female photographer and an elderly couple find themselves drowning as they try to deal with the effects of dementia and old age.

The video’s protagonists slowly seem to find peace with their situations””as the single mother chooses to spend more time with her son, the dancer realizes her feelings may be reciprocated and the couple focus on being happy together in the present rather than dwelling on the past or wishing for a different future.

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Watch the video for Pakshee’s “Kosh” below:

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