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Watch: Parikrama Look Back At Two Decades In A New Documentary

‘Catch 22, Parikrama’ is a mini documentary on the Delhi rock veterans

Rolling Stone India Jan 23, 2014
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Formed in June 1991, Delhi rock veterans Parikrama completed 22 years as a band last year, celebrating with a series of gigs titled ”˜Parikrama @ 22’. They wind up the year-long series this week.  Ahead of the gig,  Delhi-based media company SoundTree Magazine has released a mini documentary titled Catch 22, Parikrama.

The documentary starts includes gig footage, interviews with founding members such as keyboardist Subir Malik, vocalist Nitin Malik and guitarist Sonam Sherpa. The band’s keyboardist declares up front about what keeps Parikrama ticking. Says Subir, “We’re very happy with where we are.” Catch 22, Parikrama also looks back at how the band came together, their first gigs, performing at Download Festival in 2007 and how Nitin Malik’s subscription to Osho Times led him to come up with the name Parikrama. Says Nitin in the documentary, “It was such a funky word.”

Catch the Parikrama @ 22 finale gig on January 24th at Striker pub in Gurgaon.

Watch Catch 22, Parikrama here

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