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Watch Ramya Pothuri’s Tranquil Video For ‘Sunlight’

The clip, directed by Anna Joseph, has been shot at the beach town Bodi in Maharashtra

David Britto Apr 27, 2021

Mumbai/Hyderabad singer-songwriter Ramya Pothuri. Photo: Kirti Narain

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Since 2016, Mumbai/Hyderabad singer-songwriter Ramya Pothuri has been releasing music at a steady pace. Recently, the musician dropped her latest offering, the slow-burn-induced “Sunlight” accompanied by a serene music video.

Pothuri penned “Sunlight” a year ago when she visited her parents in Hyderabad. At the time, the artist explains to us that she was going through a “massive change” in her life. She says, “I felt a bit overwhelmed.” According to her, when she feels that way it’s usually a cue to try writing something. “A relationship of mine had ended and I was experiencing all the petty emotions that come with being in that situation,” she says. While playing back the relationship in her head, Pothuri stumbled upon creating “Sunlight.” Pothuri says, “Now that the rose-tinted glasses were off I was seeing many aspects of that relationship for what they were.” The singer-songwriter adds, “’Sunlight’ is about all of these nuanced feelings.”

“Sunlight” includes radiant keyboards, peaceful guitar plucking, a tempered groove, sharp bass parts from Mumbai musician Yohann Coutinho (of alt-rockers Unohu and neo-soul/alt-pop band Smalltalk) as well as Pothuri’s luxuriant vocals and harmonies. Producer Ayan De mixed the song. Pothuri says, “It was all very DIY. There was a huge delay with the song release because of the pandemic, but I’m truly so happy with how it all turned out.”

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The track’s accompanying music video – directed by Anna Joseph – features Pothuri alongside Divakar Nambiath in the quaint beachside town Bodi in Maharashtra.  The singer-songwriter is seen muddled in thought while singing the song in a beautiful home and is also joined by Nambiath for comforting scenes throughout the clip. With the recommendation of shooting the video on 16MM film from cinematographer Aditya Kapur, Pothuri says, “I was nervous about it at first, shooting on film is insane because you can’t take one shot over and over again, so we had to get each scene right the first time.” She adds, “I really focused on tuning into the feelings I had felt when I wrote the song, and it was almost therapeutic to see how far I had come from that.”

With a stripped-down version of the song also out, Pothuri’s next focus is finishing up the mixes on her forthcoming sophomore EP. With a single off the EP due to be released next month, she says, “It’s been a long time coming.”

Watch the music video for “Sunlight” below:

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