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Watch Rare Bob Dylan Footage in ‘Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues’ Video

D.A. Pennebaker-shot footage from Dylan’s 1965 and 1966 European tours features cameo by John Lennon

Daniel Kreps Dec 06, 2015
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To mark the arrival of The Bootleg Series Vol. 12: The Cutting Edge 1965-1966 as well as the restored release of Dont Look Back, rare footage from Bob Dylan’s 1965 and 1966 European tours, filmed by director D.A. Pennebaker, has been pieced together to create a new video for “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues.”

The video makes use of the third take that Dylan recorded of “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues,” a mellower and moodier version than the rendition that ultimately appeared on Highway 61 Revisited; for that album, Dylan picked the song’s 16th and final take, NPR reports. The video, produced by Damian Rodriguez, takes advantage of Pennebaker’s black-and-white and color footage of Dylan on the road, backstage and onstage. With about a minute left in the video, Dylan is seen chatting with John Lennon while driving around.

“People are always going to need Dylan,” Pennebaker recently told Rolling Stone about the enduring legacy of Dont Look Back. “His way of saying, ‘It’s all fucked up, but I’ll show you a way to get through it’ ”” that will never go away. But most documentaries exist in order to capture a specific moment and then they move on. I wanted to make a film for the future, that wasn’t just about 1965. And I think that’s why it still works.”

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