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Watch Ringo Starr’s ‘Powerpuff Girls’ Cameo

His character’s name is Fibonacci Sequins

Mike Ayers Jan 08, 2014
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A few weeks ago, it was announced that Ringo Starr would appear in the all-new Powerpuff Girls special, set to hit Cartoon Network on January 20th. TV Guide has gotten a hold of Ringo’s clip, and like the PPGs themselves, it’s a colorful blast of weirdo goodness that finds the iconic drummer playing a flamboyant mathematician named named Fibonacci Sequins. Here we see “Sequins” jamming with the girls on a rainbow-filled pop tune simply called “Wish I Was a Powerpuff Girl.” The video, if nothing else, proves that the experimental Sixties spirit still shines bright. 

Aside from appearing in one-off specials for kids’ shows, Ringo has been keeping himself busy with his archival photography and Grammy exhibits. 

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