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Watch Rod Stewart Plead ‘Please’ With the Roots on ‘Fallon’

Rocker unleashes eternally raspy howl during performance of ‘Another Country’ cut

Jon Blistein Oct 30, 2015
Rod Stewart shook, shimmied and wailed through a performance of his new song “Please” on the The Tonight Show Wednesday, with house band the Roots dutifully serving as his backing band.
“Please” appears on Stewart’s new record, Another Country, and is one of several originals the rocker co-wrote with producer Kevin Savigar. It’s a sultry, pleading blues burner, criss-crossed with conversing guitars and, on Tonight, driven by Roots drummer Questlove’s splashy, steady beat.
Stewart, however, showed he’s still in complete control, busting out slick footwork and belting the track in his eternally raspy, ripped-heart voice. Most impressive were the howls he unleashed throughout “Please,” accenting his final a cappella belt with a few well-earned shadowboxing punches.
Another Country marks Stewart’s 29th studio album and follows 2013’s Time. Along with the new LP, the rocker has been busy this year: He reunited with the Faces for their first public gig in over two decades in September, and also appeared alongside Miguel, Mark Ronson and A$AP Rocky on the latter’s “Everday.”

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