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Watch Saheer Keeping It Real In ‘No Apologies’ Music Video

The single is the California rapper’s second release in 2019

Jessica Xalxo Oct 07, 2019

Saheer’s latest single "No Apologies" isn't interested in metaphors. Photo: Sony Music India

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San Francisco-based hip-hop artist Saheer dropped his straightforward single “No Apologies” and the accompanying music video last week. It’s the rapper’s second single in 2019, following his uptempo, braggadocious June release “Pressure.”

Composed and produced by the rapper, “No Apologies” is a culmination of over a decade of hard work, including three albums and a string of singles, with the artist having learned, tested and built his skills by working with multiple artists in the Bay Area since 2003. Saheer’s smooth vocals form the focal point of the track as they drive home lyrics that aren’t interested in metaphors. The rapper is straight talking, keeping it real: “This the life I chose/Pedal to the flo’/Get up on my own/Trained to remain in my zone.” He raps to a steady, strong beat as keyboard interludes weave in, adding a layer of vulnerability to the tough lyrics: “No goin’ back I can’t erase it/Future is all mine I’mma face it.”

Directed by San Francisco-based filmmaker Kiran Vajapey, the music video was shot in California’s Big Basin Redwoods State Park where Alfred Hitchcock’s characters John (Scottie) Ferguson and Madeleine Elster went wandering in Vertigo. Saheer is seen rapping in a white sweatshirt surrounded by the ancient redwood trees of the national park. 

Stream “No Apologies” here and watch the music video below:

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