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Watch Sandunes’ New Video Exit Strategy

Mumbai-based electronica artist has collaborated with animator Nikunj Patel for an intergalactic adventure

Radhapriya Gupta Mar 24, 2015
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Sandunes | Photo Credit: Neville Sukhia

Sandunes | Photo Credit: Neville Sukhia

In June last year, Sanaya Ardeshir released her much-anticipated EP Slybounce, as a follow-up to her debut album Ever Bridge. The title track of the EP, “Slybouncer,” had singer-songwriter Nicholson from Mumbai on vocals and was an instant rage. The four-track EP also established the producer as a composer.

Last year, Ardeshir also started a crowdfunded project with the help of Mumbai-based organization Wishberry.in to raise money for a video. The animated video for the track “Exit Strategy,” also from the EP Slybounce, has been made by National Institute of Design alumni Nikunj Patel and finally released last week.

The video offers a peek into Patel’s vivid imagination as he takes us on an interstellar love story between an astronaut and his lady love on Earth. The visuals, which tell a tale of love and yearning, inject a sense of melancholy into the dance track. The track, along with the video, recall the work of French electronic duo AIR, who often write songs about space travel and recently released an animated video for their song “Painted Love.”

Watch the video here:

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