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Watch Seattle-Based Singer-Songwriter Sami Chohfi Roam India in ‘Dirty Your Soul’ Music Video

Part of his upcoming album ‘Extraordinary World,’ the artist creates a cheery ditty set against the locales of Jaipur, New Delhi and Vrindavan

Anurag Tagat Jul 03, 2020

Brazil/U.S. singer-songwriter Sami Chohfi in a still from 'Dirty Your Soul.' Photo: Alexandre Suplicy

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On his upcoming album Extraordinary World, it’s clear that singer-songwriter Sami Chohfi is a tourist as much as he’s a troubadour. “Dirty Your Soul,” the latest single off the album, was written in Lisbon, Portugal amidst two years of travel across six countries, including India.

The Brazil-origin artist enlisted Sao Paulo photographer Alexandre Suplicy to film Chohfi amidst India’s brightest cultural points of interest – on the back of a cycle rickshaw, playing holi with kids and in front of temples in Vrindavan – singing about the “lonely journey” which artists often make. He says, “The song was written in Lisbon Portugal but I felt it needed the color, life and energy of India.”

The easygoing, heartfelt song thankfully skips the usual ideas of a foreign visitor trying to use his surroundings as a prop, Suplicy’s lens instead focusing on Chohfi interacting with everyone around him – from kids to passing motorists. Lyrically, Chohfi – also songwriter with Washington rock band Blue Helix – presses for retaining hope and wonder in oneself and to “fight for a better tomorrow.”

Extraordinary World is expected to combine Chohfi’s alt-rock and singer-songwriter influences, informed by his visits to Brazil, Cambodia, France, India, Kenya and the Philippines. He says in a statement, “With every song being born in a different part of the planet, the one thing I can tell you is we are not as different as we think. I am constantly reminded how all people just want to fit in, be loved, and be understood. This album is a culmination of the last two years of my life and the beautiful interactions with people I have treasured.” The album – featuring previous singles such as “Tidal Wave” and “It’s Just Me” – will release on September 1st.

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Watch the video for “Dirty Your Soul” below.


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