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Watch Shizty’s Moody New Video For ‘Temptation Of Life (TOL)’

The New Delhi-based artist sings in both English and Hindi across the track

David Britto May 05, 2021

New Delhi-based singer-songwriter and producer Srishti Rawat aka Shizty. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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New Delhi-based singer-songwriter and producer Srishti Rawat aka Shizty’s journey with music began from an early age. The artist says, “My music teacher encouraged me to work harder in the field.” Since then, the Uttarakhand-bred musician has been honing her skills while simultaneously releasing material, most recent of which is the lo-fi jazz offering “Temptation Of Life (TOL).”

According to Shizty, the new track was penned in 2018 after her mother’s untimely demise due to cancer. “I was devastated and then I had decided to leave home to work on my music, during that time my father had decided to arrange a second marriage when not even a complete year had passed after her death,” says the singer. Shizty adds, “So, the song basically is about rage, that my mother would have had if she was alive and would have learned that my father has decided to marry again.”

While there’s angst in the lyrics, sonically the track is calming and includes lush keyboard parts accompanied by a swinging groove and light horn section. Shizty’s vocals are breezy as she flirts between singing in English and Hindi. “I write songs in a lot of languages as I like to challenge myself that way and I don’t want to limit my art,” says the musician.

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Shizty has also released a music video for the song that showcases the singer performing it while cycling on the streets of New Delhi as well as in a room with a person covered in all black. Shizty says, “For the video, we borrowed a friend’s camera, me and two of my friends, we went out for the shoot really early in the morning and we had a lot of fun while filming the video. The entire video took two complete days to be shot.”

Next up on the agenda for Shizty is a track dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community as well as two EPs and collaborations with other artists too. “I am also learning to DJ,” says the musician.

Watch the music video for “Temptation Of Life (TOL)” below:

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