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Watch Shubh Saran and Chayan & Smiti Partner for ‘Mind Fire’

Fusion guitarist Shubh Saran reveals the spellbinding second video in his series of live recordings with some of India’s biggest independent artists

Riddhi Chakraborty Apr 21, 2018

This week, Shubh Saran recruited New Delhi acoustic duo Chayan & Smiti for his series with their mellifluous track "Mind Fire."

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Last week New York-based fusion guitarist Shubh Saran unveiled his much-anticipated live music video series in which he collaborates with some of the most popular artists in the Indian independent scene. With an endeavor to do his best to put a spotlight on some of his favorite artists, Saran kicked off the project with popular fusion duo Shadow and Light and their track “Samay.” This week, he recruited New Delhi acoustic duo Chayan & Smiti with their mellifluous track “Mind Fire.”

Saran recorded the clip in February at the Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication while he and his seven-piece band from New York City were on tour in New Delhi. He recalls that he first met Smiti Malik while they were both working with NGO Music Basti. “Anindo [Bose of Shadow and Light] was the recording engineer for a songwriting project Smiti and I were working on with a group of students,” Saran says. “Music Basti is also how I met Smiti, Chayan Adhikari, and Adhir Ghosh. Adhir played the guitar on four of the videos.”

Originally a soft, acoustic piece by Chayan & Smiti, Saran and his band give “Mind Fire” their own jazz and bossanova-fueled spin. “Chayan and Smiti’s songs have been my all time favorites for ages so the chance to finally play with them in a full band setting is really an honor,” says Saran.

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Watch Chayan & Smiti perform “Mind Fire” with Shubh Saran below:

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